Educational Articles

At Burkett Burkett & Burkett Certified Public Accountants, P.A., we seek to inform and educate our clients and community. We invest in the creation of quality content as a service to those who may find it helpful in pursuing both business and personal financial success.

Making Provisions for Long-Term-Care Costs

Some people are worried that they will wind up in a nursing home with their life savings wiped out. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can buy some peace of mind with long-term care insurance. But caveat emptor: These policies can be expensive, complicated and they don’t always cover all the costs [&hel...

Check the New Rules for 2011 Tax Planning Opportunities

Sunset was postponed last December, at least in the world of taxes. Many existing laws, which had been due to expire, or “sunset” at the end of 2010, were extended through 2012. At the same time, new rules that can impact your tax planning came into effect. With so many changes, you’ll want to make [&hel...

Is it Time to Talk Finances with your Parents?

One day you may find yourself taking care of an elderly parent who is in declining physical or mental health. This can be stressful, both emotionally and financially. On the financial side, there are steps you may want to take to prepare for this situation. Talk to your parents about their financial affairs. Parents may [&hel...

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